Note Making Lessons

This table was taken from the 2008 WSD Blue Book.
Cornell Note Options:
Left Side of the Notebook

  • Pose questions about the information

  • Paraphrase or clarfy items.

  • Enter a drawing, photo, sketch, or magazine picture that illustrates the concept, ideas, or facts
  • Form and express an opinion

  • Predict outcomes or next steps

  • Make connections between the information/text and your own life, another text, and/or the world

  • Make connections to the content/processes of other courses

  • Create a metaphor that captures the essence of the information/issue

  • Formulate and record a contradictory perspective

  • Write a reflection on the information or experience

  • Find a quote that connects to the concept; record it and explain your rationale

  • Create a mind map that captures the main topic and key concepts and supportive detail

  • Create an acronym that will help you to remember the information covered

Right Side of the NotebookNotes or Quotes from a:
  • mini-lesson

  • lecture

  • lab

  • reading

  • film/video/documentary

  • small group or large group discussion

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Cornell Option
Cornell Example
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